Commencement speech of Dr. Menbere Aklilu at Holy Name University

The commencement speech of Menbere Aklilu at Holy Name University, 2013

As a young child in Ethiopia, Menbere witnessed and survived the murder of her mother. Later, she found herself pregnant in a homeless shelter founded by mother Teresa in Rome. She worked herself out of the shelter by working in Italian restaurants. Subsequently, she moved to Richmond, not speaking a word of English. However, her Italian was so good that she was hired within a week at Saluté for 7 dollars an hour. Within two years, not only had she learned English, she had bought the restaurant.

Menbere Aklilu is an exceptionally dynamic and inspiring community leader in the east bay. Her personal story is one of successive tragedies, deprivation and abuse. She overcame these challenges by powerful combination of faith, industry and courage.

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