Ebba Tesfaye (The Voice of motivation)

Ebba Tesfaye (The Voice of motivation)

Ebba T. or Ebba Tesfaye is one of the youngest Personal Development Trainer and Relationship Consultant, who has mesmerized many with his knowledge of the topics he speaks of and his presentation skills. He knows how to craft and deliver an engaging and motivational message; his unique and interactive style merges skills, inspiration and fun to create dynamic and thought provoking presentations.

With four years of public speaking and more than 5 years of stage performance, he has become an acclaimed speaker for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. As a Blue Nile Toastmasters club member, he is following in the footsteps of Ethiopia’s great writers, speakers and artists in his public speaking abilities. With the same optimism, sense of humor and steadfast determination that were his trademarks, he has reached hundreds if not thousands on his famous Motivational and relationship consulting radio programs on Afro Fm, which had become the highest rating shows in the whole station and now his own online radio called “Hopecast with Ebba T” which has no less than 500 listeners and downloaders each time. Ebba T is also the professional relationship consultant on the highest rating show in the country called Taddias Addis on 102.1 Sheger FM.

Ebba T. started as a relationship consultant, which is one of his biggest passions and to which he has great response from all who have practiced his teachings or advises. He has given trainings in different places, to different groups and with different styles, for high official and personalities, students, teachers and trainers, Athletes and many more.

As a sociologist, the former president for Addis Ababa University Community Radio, a motivational speaker and a relationship consultant he brings a unique approach to his training. He calls his motivational training style “Motivational Guidance” and uses practical down to earth examples, personal and illustrative stories, with simple principles to follow in transforming once life and using once abilities to achieve the biggest goals and dreams. The adventure he takes people on with his speeches describe, guide and teach about what people can accomplish with determination and believe.

His talks have motivated, inspired, and instructed employees of Haile Gebresilase in his company Haile and Alem International, the sales team for “YESHI GABICHA”, Addis Ababa University, Adama University, Lions College, Dandii Boru School, Motivational Concert, Eminence Social Entrepreneurs and many more.

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