Mariamawit Mesfin – the Ethiopian Mathematics Genius

Mariamawit Mesfin – the Ethiopian Mathematics Genius

Take three consecutive integers; a, b & c. notice the square of b is always greater than by one to the product of ‘a’ and ‘c’? You can take 1, 2, 3 or 7, 8 , 9 or any other numbers. Have you ever noticed this amazing relationship between numbers? Neither did I. nor did Isaac Newton, not even Euler. But a 17- years-old Ethiopian girl did. Well. I don’t call her just a girl. Mariamawit Mesfin was an extraordinary girl. She was always willing to learn something new. I guess that’s why the numbers revealed their secrets to her. Now studying Civil Engineering and Technology at Sri Venakateswara College of Engineering and Technology in Andhra Pradesh, India. Mariam-awit had to wait for a total of 9 months to get recognized for her amazing work. The mathematics genius had knocked the doors of Addis Ababa University and the Addis Ababa Education bureau seeking recognition. Finally at the age of 18 she became the original owner of two brilliant mathematical formulae. In doing so Mariamawit says her beloved family has helped her a lot. “My parents have always helped me with my education. I don’t know how to repay them.” She once said. (Well, no need to worry. because love got no pocket just a hand which is always willing to give).

She Spent her childhood days as a normal Ethiopian child with her childhood friend & her little brother. Mariamawit always wanted to know more about the earth and as a result started studying Geology in Addis Ababa University and tool the course till she withdrew to go to India for further studies a month ago. She wants to continue her studies and one day become an Astrophysicist, a field she always wanted to work on, To serve her people in a better way.

Mariamawit’s second formula is even more fascinating than the first one. It states by taking any three consecutive integers a, b & c, the difference between the squares of c & b (c2-b2) is always greater than by two to the difference of the squares of b & a (b2-a2).

when I remember that she is the very first one to find such amazing interaction among numbers from all human beings who dwelled on earth for the past thousand years I feel lucky to know her & wanted you to feel the same way too.

Never heard of her, have you? Well, now that you have let’s appreciate what we have together before time makes us appreciate what we had. Show your support.

By Loza Admassu

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