Elements of life

Elements of life

Being Good

Good. What an amazing word it is huh?! In this short amount of life I have lived I have learned a few things, basic things. I have somehow come to understand that good is the gate to happiness, to all.

Dr. Maya Angelou once said that “Good is all”. And now am saying that the gate to all is good. Being good, seeing good, living good and feeling good. In our lives there may come days which we are not satisfied with ourselves, of our world. We measure our days with what we have achieved. Yeah there are things we want to achieve in our lives, in accordance to those goals, we have to analyze ourselves, our journey but not to be happy, we don’t! Somehow happiness is related to setting ourselves free from any measurements.

If noticed, where ever kids are, the environment is warm. Everybody in that environment could be all quite but their presence speaks. They create happiness, why? They are just good, their existence is good enough. As we grow older we grow out of that nature, nature of being good.


I honestly believe that life without art is no life at all. Having heard the amazing music of jazz and classics, having read the books of Paulo, Bealu Girma, having known people like Fiyameta, Maria, Gudu Kassa, Abeje Belew, a life of no art will never appear appealing to me even with luxury involved. Having known such beauty, How could one be satisfied be satisfied with no beauty at all?

Lack of art is lack of beauty. Through art I have gotten to know amazing musicians, authors, soul portraying painters but most of all I have known the beautiful side of me, my soul.

It’s not through education, nor through life of luxury but only through experiencing the performance of art that one can truly with be one with the soul. It’s only through the miracles of art that one can still find hope in the midst of suffering. It’s the art of silence that one can understand truth, can hear the true words of wisdom.

It’s through the songs of Ben. E king that I learned to lean on friend as he said “stand by me” with beautiful melody of jazz, it is Buzunesh Bekele “የናት ውለታዋን “ that I got to express my love to my mom, it’s through the amazing music of Gigi that I celebrated the gift of being Ethiopian. Oh and the ballads of the great Aster that I felt so in love, “የረሃብን ጉንፋን ሲስሉ” is the song that I felt the hunger of my people and I remember how I cried saying goodbye to the loved ones, Mohamud Ahmed with his song “ተው  ልመድ ገላዬ”. I have got to mention kassa tessema who made the patriot side of wake, I felt like a warrior as he sang “ፋኖ”. The only time I wished a man lied to me is when I heard “እኔ ውሸቴን ነው” by Minilikoss Wosnachew, I wished a man lied saying he never loved me.


Where does it all start? Where does change begin? When is the right time?

Wrong is being done, we see it. Justice is not being served, we see it. In fact we are part of it and at times we are victims. Is it not time to move from victim to victorious?

We complain a lot about what goes on around us, we blame the government, our family, we blame others while we are the ones responsible. We want things to change, we expect better thing but we have tied our mind with the concept of laziness that we don’t even lift a finger to make things happen, to make lives better.

We sit at home watching TV, watching others suffer, and thinking “why are they not doing anything about it?” Who are they may I ask? Whom do we want to do something while we sit around doing nothing? Men, It’s up to us and only us.

Injustice for one is injustice for all!

When are we going to care? When it’s our children that suffer? Because all the other are mothers just as we are. Or does it have to be our own brother being hurt. Even though he is of the same origin he is a brother to someone too. And that woman, she may not be of our blood but she is someone’s sister, daughter, wife or a mother to someone. We don’t have to wait till the victims are those that we call our own.

Whatever we choose to call it God is love, and if we dare to say we believe in god Let our religion be love, love for the brother next to us for all those around us.

For change there is never a better time than now, best place is here and we are in charge!


I have no right or no stand to say that any religion is right or wrong. Because, the base of religion is faith. Either you believe or you don’t. No matter what religion it is that we follow, it is a different path to peace, whatever Fod name we worship, it is love.

There is this of song of Alpha Blonde; it has only a few words but amazing message in it. “ Some call it Allah, some call it Adonay….. But he is the same and it is love.”, That is just beautifully put.

Some kill in the name of religion, there are people that promote hatred because of the differences on religious path. That is no love at all. We are missing that even though our religions are different they all lead to the same destination. Through the various religions the spiritual path remains the same, the destination is utter peace and love.

My message to you is that we all cannot be in the same path but we are going to the same place on our own way, accept that and lets go together on our beliefs. I may not believe in your religion but if you believe in it, then I believe in you enough to accept that. Let’s tolerate each other, try to understand each other and if that is not possible let’s just accept and love.

Least but not least, let I remind you that religion is a path for an individual to follow based on choice, it’s a guideline for the heart for the spiritual growth but definitely not a law for a city to abide.


Life is within a moment, every moment of everyday. Our perception on life is different but there is one fact that we all should agree upon, life resides in the now. We live now. The past and the future matter because they had or will have a ‘now’ of their own which makes them worthy of caring for. But those are ‘nows’ that we are not in charge of. The now that we are in charge of is the now that we are in.

Time is a great resource, if well utilized can bring us surplus product of wealth, health and happiness. Whatever seed we plant in the now of today will nourish and bring fruitful today, tomorrow which will become a ‘today’ just in time.

‘Live your best today’ what does it actually mean? Is it going to the best club and getting drunk? Or is it trading all that you have for a splash of happiness? I don’t think so. Living is not just that, it’s much more. All the things we do are parts of living, whether it’s working, traveling, going to a cafe, waiting for a taxi, chatting with a stranger…. when we say live, it means experience all as much as possible. why narrow our life with the thought of it as a one way street? It’s a field of all experiences. You want to work as a real-estate agent, then go be one, You want to be a writer, write, you want to visit japan, then find a way. Whatever it is that you want to do, be, see then do it all now. Yeah it might seem impossible for some reasons but it is possible, just got to find a way, you may not be able to do it in the now of today but even for the possibility to do it in the now of tomorrow you have to live today with the purpose achieving it .

It’s not just about achieving something or being somewhere but the journey to get there is one important aspect of life. So be where you want to be or be on the road, they are equally valuable. Having passed through the road of getting there makes us worthy of being there.

To simply state it all, be what the person you want to be, be where you want to with whomever you want, now, that is the only time that actually exists whether it resides in yesterday, today or tomorrow. They are all just a different versions of now.

Ethiopian culture

Ethiopia is a country rich with domestic cultures and norms found in no other countries. But through the changes going around the world, mainly globalization, the practice of these cultures and norms have reduced through time.

But these cultures are part of who we are. In our development to a better future we need to take these amazing cultures leaving behind the backward practices.

Respecting elders

This culture of ours has not died yet but it should be given much concern because we are somehow losing it.

In taxis or buses we leave our seats for the elderly. Even the way we address them is in a very respectful manner. It may not make that much sense in other languages but when we address elders we use plural forms, we give them the respect that is given to public crowds or group of people.

Even in lines the elders are given the first places, when serving food they are always served first.

In Ethiopia there is another culture related to this, it is a culture serving hand water before and after meals. The younger ones bring the hand water to the elders and even the order of serving is ceremonial, A pure sign of respect.

Written By Eyerusalem Yaregal

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