Integration of Technology into the working environment

Integration of Technology into the working environment

The industrial age is over, we are now into the casual age, where technology and a seamless life is what is a must. Yet we find ourselves still so back dated by using paper. We would pass messages on paper, stating that we should save the trees, yet we still cut them down to make paper.

Our mind set and ways of working must change, we must evolve into techno driven maniacs. Integration is of utmost importance. Why can’t we become casual even in the working environment, get rid of the desks and chairs and welcome the couches and coffee tables, replace desktops with laptops and tablets. Doing this allows employees to become relaxed and focus more on the task at hand, soon lose the formal dress code too, its vital.

We often find ourselves preparing documents on our systems, then printing them out to fill out, we find as well that we have an overload of paper work and files that are never up to date within the office, its clutter not needed.

Why are we not making use of cloud storage?

  • Dropbox
  • Google drive
  • One drive

Just to name a few that can be used, or if security is your concern, then create your own cloud storage.

Have all documents online and just forward them to clients, have clients fill them out on their devices, sign them and mail them back to you.

No need for files, create a folder on the system for each client, and slot their documents into their folders, LABELING of documents in clients folders is of utmost importance.

Always keeping a backup of all folders is vital, online storage, Hard disk, and DVD back up is required, and this is the job of the IT department.

We must move forward, we walk with an iPhone in our pocket but still use paper, technology has come to make life simple, welcome it, embrace it and enjoy it.

By Nabeel Abed (SETA accredited – Train the Trainer)

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