Mechanical Engineering and Girls

Mechanical Engineering and Girls

For mechanical engineering student, earning a degree is less enjoyable and far from what we expect. It is true that campus life is the most memorable phase in everyone’s life: hanging out with friends, bunk beds, classes, going for movies, assignments, laboratory assignments, college affairs and breakups and much more. All these events are nostalgic.

The flip side of mechanical engineer student (or any other engineering student) is the boring and dreadful lecture, awful text books, thick and dry filled with manuscripts which can sometimes be a source of inspiration. In addition, the monotonous style of teaching (which is the best sleeping pill on the market) but still college happens to be the best place.

Female mechanical engineering students are like petrol price coming down, Korea saying no to nuclear weapons, Indian movies in which hero dies. In short, it’s next to impossible. It still remains a mystery why girls don’t opt mechanical engineering.

Why do girls mostly enjoy sitting in a comfortable air-conditioned offices looking for blue prints or something like that?

I had the chance to ask few girls I happen to know in campus about their perspective about mechanical engineering and they kind of raised two similar questions.

  1. “Do mechanical engineering jobs require a lot of physical work?”
  2. “Will I have to be on site all the time in dark industries between big machines?”

Well, the answer to their question, Mechanical engineering like other branches of engineering is a white-collar professional role which requires that you work all solutions to the managing and improving physical realties. There is no physical work whatsoever required by the job. But you might get involved with equipment, machinery or manufacturing process on a physical level to at least some extent as part of your career.

It is an interesting occupation that is too often too little regarded precisely because people imagine the mechanical engineer something more like a mechanic (which itself is a profession that is undervalued,) certainly there is no reason why women wanting to do it should feel deterred from pursuing it. Plus there is a huge range of roles in mechanical engineering from purely office based to completely site based. There isn’t any reason why girls/women can’t do any of them.

So if you are passionate about mechanical engineering, don’t ever hold yourself down. If they can do it, you can do it too.

By Ruth Elias Adamu

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