Meet Geremachew Wegaye – A young innovator from Hawassa University

Meet Geremachew Wegaye – A young innovator from Hawassa University

Germachew is a 3rd year Electromechanical engineering student of Hawassa University, Institute of technology. He was born and raised in the city of Adama. Beside his academia, Geremachew has been developing his innovative skills and strives to develop innovative products.

Nowadays, Geremachew is concerned with design and manufacture of new technological machines which can be used in agricultural work so as to minimize labor and energy flow costs on agricultural fields. He has two works which have been registered by authority of intellectual property and he is also working on more to be registered soon.

“If any part (organization) is willing to aid and support my works, I have more things to contribute to the society. My works are problem solvers and will give many advantage for farmers on their work; to efficiently irrigate and seed” Geremachew expresses his opinion.

Geremachew also gave an advise for his peers “young students, specially who are studying in campus, must develop entrepreneurial ideas in order to lead their future on the back on their own business.” He finally thanked UNIVERSITY OF HAWASSA, INSTIUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and his school (school of mechanical and Electro mechanical engineering) for their continuous support and advice.

StudenEthiopia wishes him success on his journey.

By Muluken Anteneh.

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