Amazing and inspirational inventions by African inventors

Amazing and inspirational inventions by African inventors

1.Charging shoe

This was the greatest invention ever made by African inventor. The object was made by Kenyan inventor “Anthony Mutua”.

This shoe can charge your mobile phone while you are walking, running…

It contains a thin Crystal chips that are fitted to the sole of the shoe which helps to generate electric when a person wearing that shoe is walking or doing some kind of leg exercises.

2.Cardio pad

This invention is made by Cameroonian inventor and entrepreneur “Marc Arthur”.

It’s the first touchscreen medical tablet invented and made in Africa which allows you to apply examinations like electrocardiograms conducted to the rural inaccessible areas for modern technology.

The device is expected to facilitate treatments to patients suffering with heart disease across African rural areas.

3.CAT scan

This technology is made by South African inventor “Allan Cormack”.

The technology is used for scanning by using electronic detectors and X-RAY source are rotated around the body and in the process the Radiologists (x-ray specialists) gets a sharp map of the cross-section (tissue slices) of the body.

4.Cyber tracker

This technology was made by the inventor “Lindsay Stevenson”.

The technology is used to track insects, birds, animals…by the use of satellite navigational system.

This is one of the most amazing inventions that found its use in animal kingdom.

5. Tellurometer

This technology is made by the inventor “Dr.Trevor Lloyd Wadley” from the South African council for scientific and industrial research (CSIR)

The device is used for measuring microwave electronic distances accurately than the others which were invented before. It measures up to 50KM.

Compiled by – Dawit Solomon

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