World Bank paid internship

World Bank paid internship

Aims to provide graduate students practical experience in global development

Fields- economics, finance, human development(public health, education, nutrition, population), anthropology, sociology , agriculture, etc..


Applicants must

  • Have an undergraduate degree
  • Be currently enrolled in a full time graduate study


  • An hourly salary pay
  • May cover travel expenses in
  • Does not cover living accommodations

Duration – minimum of four weeks


Having the following skills helps toward a successful application

  • Fluency in English language is mandatory
  • Experience and computing skills
  • Languages like French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic,

Required documents

  • CV
  • Statement of interest
  • Proof of enrollment in a graduate study

Deadline –

Summer internship (June- September) – December 1- January 31

Winter internship (December- march) – October 1-31

Visit official web page for full information

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