Perspective change – Success

Perspective change – Success

In the next few segments, a reader should be able to find a good way of getting the right mind-set to be successful, some solution for lack of optimism & weakness. The main idea of this writing is to be used as a life hack, a few words of advice that can guide readers towards achievements, by motivational and/or inspirational methods.

  • A task at a time

Getting blurred thoughts on things doesn’t necessarily mean you’re confused or lost about what you want to do, as it helps to focus on one basic thing and not feel our self being torn apart into a million different directions, which ultimately lead to frustrations and giving up. People usually tend to gain grasp of a lot of ideas and projects in life which is completely fine; in fact, versatility is one amazing skill as long as it’s done effectively. The problem is, having so much to do will make us lose ground on everything. “Most states in history lost power due to attempts of trying to administer vast lands that they were incapable of handling.” This should give you some clue on how to use ‘having less to do’ as an advantage of firm and effective career, talent and skill growth on one task, and happily move on to the next.

  • Set your own price tags.

The society that surrounds us, if not wholly, mostly is crammed by pessimists who have seen what it’s like to try and fail; or unwilling to strive for something better. And expecting them to see what’s great about you when they clearly don’t see it in them is a mistake. Different people will define you in different ways, but as what mostly should matter is your only opinion, you’re going to have to set boundaries, and ask yourself how valued you want to be. This isn’t an act of selfishness or arrogance but purely a way for you to gain understanding from others.

“To be respected, you have to respect yourself first” and so unless you set your own price tag, people will do it for you, and that will never be the value you deserve.

  • Toughest wars to the strongest soldiers.

Life is a package deal, there’s an opposite to every good thing. Therefore, in the course of trying to find success you will surely face challenges, but, crazy as it may sound, you should be excited about overcoming them! And thrilled to find a strength you never thought you had in yourself.

“No battle no victory”. In the end the stories you’ll tell about your ups and downs will inspire others. Because no one actually wants to hear how easy everything was for you and how you conquered it all with a snap of your fingers… they’ll want to hear the sacrifices you gave, the countless moments where you almost gave up but you told yourself quitting was never an option. And that you were in it for the worst times, that one reason that kept you going when you had thousands to drag you down.

  • You aim small, you miss small

Never try to take a big leap towards your calling in life. In actuality, most of the work is done by thoughts and not by actions, detailed and effective small works will add up to a complete undertaking. You will need to plan your moves and set deadlines and check the progress you’re making so far. Don’t forget that panning is a way to remind you not to get off track, not something you need to constantly obsess and stress about.

You’ll need to take things easy and make sure you do a slow yet effective long-term job than a quick growth which will end up being short-lived, forcing you to start from scratch which will drain your energy and courage.

  • Learn from their mistakes

Most times, the roads we go down are new for us, it’s natural to feel hesitant and uncertain about where they’ll lead. This is why we will need to know someone who has already reached the destination, to tell us what easy traps we might fall for, and the best routines around them.

Best thing about this is, it may have taken them a few years to get to where they are today because they practiced trial and error, whereas you’ll have a better way to avoid errors and have

less obstacles to face, making your journey to success quick and less risky.

  • Plan B-Z

Being narrow minded about your capabilities is a disaster. Sure, having a plan A is better than having no plans at all, but not everything goes according to plan and you need to have a counter solution to back you up when you need it.

“If you can’t do what you love, do what you’re good at.” Hope sometimes blinds you into being unrealistic about what you’re trying to do, and we never start out doing things expecting to fail but the ugly truth is sometimes we do, but the real failure is being unable to get right back up… which is a common outcome of having no secondary plans, and being clueless about what we should do next.

I Hope the pointers were worthy enough to bring good changes.

Always remember, not taking risks is the biggest risk you’ll put yourself in.

Ask yourself what’s holding you back, and cut ties with it, because once you reach your goals you can get back and fix it.

Problems only build solution finders

And if someone ever tells you, you can’t do something, reply with… “Little did you know, even you can.”

It’s okay to fail and be tired of it all, but quitting has never, and will never be a solution.

Best of luck.

BY Hibrenigus Samson

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