Dr. Brook Lakew – short biography

Dr. Brook Lakew – short biography

Here’s a short biography of one of the many iconic and incredible Ethiopians of today. Dr. Brook Lakew: The Amazingly genius Ethiopian who is best known as a NASA Senior Space Scientist who  graduated with  PhD,  after having studied Physical Chemistry (with focus on physics of surfaces), at the University of Paris, in 1982

Dr. Brook Lakew born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia although he’d frequently move to Nazareth with his five brothers, used to learn in today’s ‘Lycee Gebremariam international school’ until he graduated and was lucky enough to get a scholarship to a town in France where he learned as an undergraduate in physics and chemistry, He soon moved to Paris to major in physical chemistry and modeling surfaces of solids where he successfully got a Master’s degree and PHD.

This astonishing Ethiopian American mentions his father as an inspiration; for he was thought about nature and the galaxy since he was very young by him. And although he wanted to return to his country after graduation, for the greater job opportunity and better life, he’s now currently living in Maryland USA, married to an Ethiopian woman and a father of two; he strives to always make a change in every aspect… as a great & tireless scientist, a husband, and a father.

He has now been keenly working at NASA for 32 years and has made Cassini´s–an unmanned spacecraft voyage to the planet Saturn as a key Scientist, has additionally been Director for Planning, Research and Development of NASAs Solar System Exploration Division since 2010 till present.

Under employment of NASA he has been promoted as an associative director for planning in various research and development projects as well as on the solar system exploration division in which he has made a successful career launch.

As of now, his current project is the Space-borne instruments focal plane assembly development  which mainly concerns studies and researching on Magnesium Diboride Detector Array (MDA) and also Development for Infrared Instruments on Future Missions to the Outer Planets and their Icy Moons.

Moreover Dr. lakew has Served as The Principal Investigator in the projects of:

  • “Cryogen free cooled IR focal plane detector for infrared instruments on the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter (JIMO)” project
  • “High Temperature Superconducting detector characterization with low Tc SQUID” project.
  • “Development of HTS and MgB2 detectors on monolithic sapphire membranes for future planetary exploration missions” project.
  • This astonishing man of talent’s Research Interests include the Infrared instruments for future planetary exploration missions  in which  he has been actively working on Technology investments and future planetary missions, planning. Infrared astronomy and additionally the Development of mid and far-infrared sensors for the exploration of the outer planets and their icy moons.

By Hibrenigus Samson

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