The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

Do you believe in magic? Or the existence of aliens and fairies? Maybe in those horror films that used to scare us as we were kids? You may laugh at these questions but at some point you are obliged to believe or not to believe.

What do you call a sea that swallows ships and planes? No one would object if it’s called an evil spirit, the devil or a cursed sea. Thanks to those scary films we watched, we shiver at the sight of these disasters. As if we are going to be next. Trying to find out more makes mysteries less mysterious. Today one mystery is going to be solved for you.

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s triangle is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It was named Bermuda after three names- The Miami Triangle, Puetro Rico Triangle and Isle of the Devils which appeared to be unattractive to visitors.

About 100 ships and 1000 lives have been destroyed in this triangle. Some of the few objects that disappeared are Flight 19, Flight DC_3, PBM Martin Mariner, Flight 441, Mary Celeste, Carrol A Deering, Marine Sulphur Queen and USS Scorpion.

On October 8, 1492, Christopher Columbus looked down at his compass and noticed that it was giving weird reading and three days later when Columbus simply spotted a strange light, the crew threatened to return to Spain. This gave rise to the myth that compasses will be off in the triangle. An American magazine stated that a flight leader had been heard saying “We are entering white water, nothing seems right. We don’t know where we are, the water is green, not white” and “The plane flew to Mars.” Some author claims that all the bodies had vanished with the exception of the captain, who was found sitting in the cabin at his desk, clutching a coffee cup.

Despite all these reports there are some researchers who insist that all of it is false. According to the US Navy, the triangle doesn’t exist and the name is not recognized by the US Board of Geographic Names. Some researchers explain that the number of ships and aircrafts missing wasn’t significantly greater in the area, proportionally speaking, than in any other part of the ocean. Researchers say that the legend of the Bermuda Triangle is a manufactured mystery, perpetuated by writers who either purposely or unknowingly made use of misconceptions, faulty reasoning and sensationalism. That it is simply an area in which people have experienced a lot of bad luck. Scientists have stated some terms that can be used against the myth like:

  • Methane gas is trapped under the sea floor which can erupt and as a result lower the density of the water making the ships sink
  • Sargasso Sea is a strange area that is bounded by only water currents on all sides. Many ships passing through this area have been stranded and made motionless.
  • Electron fog appears out of nowhere and engulfs ships or planes.
  • Sink holes in the ocean are produced as result of decomposition of gas hydrates
  • Compasses are unable to differentiate between true north and magnetic north since they both are exactly the same

These explanations are what made the Bermuda Triangle less mysterious. Now you’re qualified to make the decision of believing or not believing. Find out more about this magic sea. Who knows…maybe you’ll make history by discovering the undiscovered about this mythically enchanted creation.

By Salem Taye

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