2016 YALF ANNUAL SUMMIT – Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

2016 YALF ANNUAL SUMMIT – Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

After a year of active and effective presence in various meetings, events and projects to advocate for this great African Development Initiative, YALF is organizing its 2016 annual summit at the AU Headquarters, ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia from the 18th October (ARRIVAL) to 22nd October 2016 (DEPARTURE).

The core objectives of this annual summit are:

– To launch our yearly continental development projects, which includes Women Empowerment Initiative – a project that empowers rural African women with money making skills, Betty Goes to School – an initiative that defends the right to education of the girl child and sends them to school as well, INFONO – pan-African network system tool and search engine, WAYLS – a yearly project that trains African youth areas of education, agriculture, leadership and general entrepreneurship, and our other projects that are in line with the AFRICAN UNION AGENDA 2063.

– To launch the latest edition of our African development journal, Young African Leaders Journal of Development (YALJOD) – which hosts scholarly analysis and competing viewpoints about the development of Africa.

– To donate our journal to the AU Libraries and also to different government and public university libraries within the continent – from the AU headquarters.

– To learn from renowned and qualified experts on the ideals of sustainable development for the betterment of our continent.

– To build and strengthen a strong relationship with all the departments of the African Union Commission.

– To establish a united African youth for the development of Africa through comradeship and cooperation shared from the summit.


Around 100 youth leaders and civil society ambassadors from different African countries will attend the summit as participants. Authors in the pan-African journal of development will also attend the summit – which will be made open to members and interested youth leaders.

YALF calls and welcomes partnership with development minded organisations from all over the globe in achieving these core summit objectives.


To attend the conference, Register here https://goo.gl/forms/lhPqFf60rcgBa8yj2

For more information, please send email to yalfafrica@gmail.com

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