Gebeya IT academy launches a new program for students and beginners

Gebeya IT academy launches a new program for students and beginners

In 2009, Amadou Daffe, Gebeya’s co-founder rediscovered Africa – visiting as many African countries as possible; as he attempted to locate the best African developers he could find to kick-start a software outsourcing venture operated entirely by African citizens but serving the U.S market. This quest very quickly turned into his passion. In the course of his journey, he discovered that Africa has enough human capital talent to create a sustainable, innovative and scalable software industry to rival Asia and perhaps even the U.S.

While the technology industry in Africa is expanding rapidly, Amadou and his partners have witnessed – first hand – the relatively more rapid growth in demand for qualified IT professionals to satisfy this growing market. Moreover, the situation is further compounded by the constant lamentation of industry stakeholders over a lack of professionalism and nagging skills gap among the individuals responsible for building and managing IT infrastructure in African businesses. Projects keep lagging and customers consistently complain that IT practitioners – in today’s marketplace – are ill-equipped to handle the scope of projects available to them. Owing to this, Gebeya, a new IT marketplace intending to match skilled, certified and multi-lingual IT professionals with potential customers – was born in July 2016.

Through Gebeya, African and multi-national businesses and IT professionals will have a chance to collaborate in order to solve complex technological problems, develop innovative technology solutions, and improve development efficiency. Additionally, Gebeya will also, through its certified IT Academy, address the existing IT skills gap by providing training; tailored to expand the capabilities of African IT practitioners.

Gebeya offers a IT professional program which is an intensive 6-months hands-on practical training model that produce high quality IT professionals. The program is called “Gebeya Professional”. Gebeya makes sure that its trainees upon graduation are immediately productive for work. This advanced training program focuses on cutting edge technologies that are running the digital industry all across the world. For the first round of this program, 65 students have been enrolled (those who have passed the entrance examination) and training will officially start on October 10th, 2016.

During its recruitment efforts for “Gebeya Professional” Program, Gebeya’s marketing team have encountered a large number of individuals, particularly fresh student graduates who do not qualify for the “Gebeya Professional” training. However, they have expressed a strong interest in joining Gebeya Academy and want to absolutely participate.

In that regards, Gebeya has created another training called “Gebeya Core” for non-professionals and particularly for graduate students. Gebeya core is an intensive 30-day training program focused on a single programming language(framework such as Java, c#, PHP and platform such as web development.)The training is designed to be project based. Trainees will be able to understand the practical application of the programming language they are learning in depth. Every trainee will be required to work on a specify project and built a fully functional product by the time they graduate the 30-day training. The cost for the 30-day “Gebeya Core” training program is only 4,000 Birr.

This training program is called “Gebeya core”. Trainees who complete this training will immediately meet the requirements to join the “Gebeya Professional” and will get a tuition discount accordingly if they choose to continue with “Gebeya Professional” program.

We asked Amadou Daffe about the software development world and the opportunities it presents to Africans. He said, “The software industry in Africa is at its infancy. It is time for Africa to establish its own software industry. The opportunities and challenges are too formidable not to take advantage of them.”

Compared with Europe and America, African software development industry is still in its crawling ages. But with the current emergence of digital technologies and digital system integration in Ethiopia as well as in Africa, the demand for software developers is ramping up very quickly. At this rate, Software is going to be the next big thing in Africa.

Finally, Mr. Amadou advice to young developers is: “Get the right training through cutting edge training centers like Gebeya, be creative and become entrepreneurs, make your voice heard, create communities of IT professionals, share your ideas. Gebeya aims to make young African developers more visible through its marketplace but also will expose them to world class technology and best practices that will allow them to compete in the global scale. “

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Address- Welosefer, around Japan Embassy , Senan building

In case of internet issues, you can contact Gebeya via phone by dialing: +251-116-156939/69 or +251-984-78-95-31 and ask for Mahlet or Melak. You can also come to their campus located at Bole Around Japan Embassy, Sinan Commercial Building 2nd Floor. They are in the same building as Kana TV.

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