Perspective change on making a difference

Perspective change on making a difference

Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

– Mother Teresa.

Knowing how to make a difference can be challenging, especially if you have difficulty with finishing what you start, and moreover, if you can’t apply what you know in the real world… Which is common, so one obvious solution to avoid this scenario is running out of excuses. This is the reason why people who once hit rock bottom have reached a state of self-actualization today. There are numerous ways that can lead to such a position. So if you are looking for simple life guides to nudge you in the right path, take a look at the following.

Know more:- Knowledge is the fuel we run on, a doctrine that guides us humans in every way, But a common mistake is how we sometimes become narrow minded to the concept, thinking that it has to be curricular or the ways that we acquire knowledge must be from a predetermined source (teachers and school books): rendering us to believe that we mostly don’t get to decide what to know. Which is one main reason we quit what we start: because we don’t want to be part of it to begin with. And people who lack higher school education might think there’s no hope because of this, when there clearly exists for those who are bold enough to think they’ll seize an opportunity from it: Look at the famous people.

Communication:- this is a skill that doesn’t need to be perfected all the time, But is vital since we can’t help being social in one way or another. The people we communicate with are what matters here. Those who have a mind packed with a broad understanding of what’s relevant in life and to you, can be your library. And those curious to find out what you know, help you rehearse your thoughts and make an impact of any proportion. So be selective when you have to, and meet new people with direct relations to the subject you wish to understand…. You might just end up being part of it yourself.

A helping hand or two:- depending on the magnitude of the difference you wish to make, you have to know when to seek help. Envisioning something on your own doesn’t mean it’s entirely up to you to do all the work by yourself. Which is why other subjects you find trust worthy and motivating enough can come into the picture. Sometimes a friend’s help or even advice will lift you up at your weakest. And it’s always more rewarding to make people part of your dreams instead of making it alone. How else are you going to “divide and conquer?

The ant philosophy:- this begins when you become relentless, bold and driven towards your purpose, and much like an ant, always be sure not to get distracted on good times, but rather get plans set for if/when  things go wrong. Remember, plan A might fail but the alphabet doesn’t stop there.

You can also fill your environment with desire boosters and take breaks when necessary, which should give you enough time to fill your positive energy to put you back on your track.

Begin with the end in mind:- if you can’t make a picture of the difference you wish to make, how or when it’s good enough to call it a success, then you might want to think it through again. Don’t start working on your course of action out of simple inspirations, if you know it won’t be long before you quit. You have to give serious considerations to the will you have to see it become a success, how committed you are and/or how far you’ll go to see the light.

“The world doesn’t owe you anything, it was here first”:- this should help you understand that you can’t expect things to be in your favors all the time, it’s only natural that things don’t go as planned and sometimes even out of hand, but even if the world doesn’t in fact owe you anything… It’s entirely up to you to take everything from it. To live fully and die empty is where you’ll find pure satisfaction, and therefore ACT and keep asking questions regardless of right or wrong. You can make as many mistakes as you can, as long as you believe they’re your stepping stones. Find out where you fit best and help whatever it is grow… Influence… Change itself, and you.

Chin up.

BY Hibrenigus Samson

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