About us

StudentEthiopia is youth driven project aimed at creating an educational and media network which connects academic institutions in Ethiopia, particularly high schools, colleges and universities.

Through its media website and publications, StudentEthiopia mainly provides news, entertainment, inspiration and opportunity information for Ethiopian youth.

StudentEthiopia project is primarily initiated in order to alleviate the ever-increasing social & health problems faced by students in higher level education by utilizing both web platform and publications to create awareness among students, promote opportunities, and inspire students for self-development and creativity.

The vision of studentEthiopia is to Become the leading students educational and media network which connects all higher level academic institutions in Ethiopia. To realize its vision, it strives to:

• Provide important, reliable and up-to-date educational information as well as resourceful academic materials.
• Play part in advancing the education sector through the use of modern technology by providing various educational mobile applications which are built to address common problems of students of our nation.
• Create awareness and educate students about campus life and other essential issues concerning the youth.
• Encourage and motivate students for personal development and creativity.
• Provide an internet platform and establish student clubs in Ethiopian universities, enabling students to network, learn, collaborate and become change makers in the society.

Project Features

1. Youth media network

Initiated with theme ‘for the students by the students’,  Student Ethiopia engages students, the major stakeholders of the education system, for its operation which allows it to work on overcoming local academic challenges in order to foster a conductive learning environment. Hence, operational team, known as Ethiopian Students Network (ESN), is established in various Ethiopian universities by recruiting talented and motivated students who become coordinators, reporters and content contributors for Student Ethiopia.

2. College admission and scholarship consultancy

Partnered with educational associations, admission agents and former graduates who have been awarded scholarships, Student Ethiopia provides scholarship information, guidance and facilitates admission applications for Ethiopian students who seek to pursue their academics in different parts of the world both at undergraduate and postgraduate study levels. Our service include:-

  • College admission processing
  • Scholarship news updates and guidance information
  • Matching individuals with various scholarship opportunities and facilitating the application process at an affordable price
  • Online payment assistance