Editorial policies and standards at Student Ethiopia media

The Student Ethiopia Media Editorial Policy pertains to all Student Ethiopia media, including the publications and the website; StudentEthiopia.com.

Student Ethiopia Media is the official author of the articles published on its platforms. Student Ethiopia is also responsible and accountable for the quality and integrity of the content it distributes. If Student Ethiopia concludes that content fails to satisfy its overall standards and its editorial policy or any other applicable standard or practice, it automatically will reject the content from distribution.

Content of Student Ethiopia Media

All content decisions will be made according to the following provisions.  While keeping everything in mind, the overall purpose, role and goal of all Student Ethiopia Media is to:

  1. Inform, educate, support and entertain its viewers with accurate and factual reports, where information has been thoroughly gathered and information has been completely verified;
  2. Be accurate, fair, and impartial in its coverage;
  3. Cover and represent the total Ethiopian student population as effectively and accurately as possible;
  4. The staff of Student Ethiopia Media will strive to report all issues in a legal, objective, accurate and ethical manner respecting the Ethiopian constitution, Freedom of the Mass Media and Access to Information Proclamation No.590/2008 and other legal documents that follows.

Regarding profanity

  1. The media will not print/post unnecessary profanity.
  2. The editorial board will make the decision on whether content is considered profane or whether it is a cultural or non-vulgar slang term.
  3. The editorial board reserves the right to edit quotes for unnecessary profanity or unnecessarily offensive words, quotes that have been edited will be noted accordingly when published.
  4. Any edited articles or quotes of sources may not necessarily be read back to the source prior to publishing.
  5. Staff interviewers have the right to ask a source when necessary to repeat a quote without the use of profane language.

Regarding staff writing

  1. Authors outside of the media staff will have the opportunity to submit writing to the media.
  2. Any writing submitted from an outside source will be viewed by editorial board for verification.
  3. Any material submitted from an outside source can be edited by the editorial board and must comply with its editorial policy.
  4. Writing must be the original work of the writer and not previously published on any other publication.

Corrections of Errors

Student Ethiopia Media is committed to quickly correcting any errors of fact. Any error brought to the attention of the site managers will be promptly corrected, so that only accurate information is displayed on the site. If content does not contain a clear error, but may be subject to reasonable misinterpretation, the site will provide a clarification along with the content.

Clear Labels of Third Party Sources

In some circumstances, the website may contain information not generated by Student Ethiopia Media. In such cases, the source of the content (news, articles, audio-video clips etc) will explicitly be mentioned to indicate that the site can’t take responsibility.