Become Student Ethiopia Contributor seeks article and academic resource contributors in the specified categories.

Categories include:

  • Scholarship, opportunity and career information.
  • Educational News and events.
  • Review on Ethiopian Universities and higher level academic institutions
  • Inspiring and influential biography of Ethiopians.
  • Insight on Fields and professional career.
  • Motivational and encouraging articles.
  • Interesting world facts.
  • Entertaining or amusing articles and stories.
  • Tip and Tricks computing and technology.
  • Articles for General knowledge.
  • Self development articles including Body and mind empowering techniques.

Reward and prize for writers!

StudentEthiopia is all about making a difference by creating possibilities. We have special prizes and awards for our media contributors which will be based on the content.

Criteria for award

  • Originality of the content
  • Article/Content hits
  • Number of content submission

How to become a contributor?

If you would to become our contributor, Please send your request by emailing at